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Simple Digital Signage

piMenuboard+ is a powerful and easy-to-configure digital signage application that will not break your bank.


It can be deployed on any Apple iOS or tvOS devices.  iOS version called piMenuboard can be found and downloaded from the Apple App Store.  tvOS version called piMenuboardTV can be downloaded from the App Store accessed via your Apple TV.


When deployed on iPads, it can serve as point-of-purchase displays to market your daily specials or promotional items.  When deployed on Apple TVs, it can serve as poster boards in your lobby or menu boards in your retail or restaurant business.


Whether you have one display or twenty displays at your location, one location or a hundred locations, all of them can be conveniently managed with the same application running on your iPhone or Mac. 


piMenuboard+ focuses on simplicity as a top priority.  Here are the 3 simple steps to get your display working:


  1. Create a screen template for the content you want to showcase.  Template can be shared across multiple screen displays.  A template contains a set of configurable properties to control the behavior of the display and a list of items to be displayed.  Each item also has a set of properties, such as font type, font size, text color and image.

  2. Create a screen display and assign a template to it.

  3. Launch the Signage Player application, log in with the Screen Name and Passcode, and it will load and play the configured template accordingly.

How does it work?

 at a Glance


piMenuboard+ provides nine different screen layouts, from full-screen images, tile, carousel to single or multiple lists.  Whether you want a directory or poster board in your lobby, a point-of-purchase device on your POS terminal or a full-fledge menu board to showcase your products, these out-of-the-box layouts will surely meet your business needs.



Whether you have 1 or 1000 outlets, piMenuboard+ is built from the ground up to scale infinitely and painlessly without you having to worry about infrastructure or skilled IT resources to maintain it.



piMenuboard+ runs on popular iOS and tvOS devices, and the app is FREE for companies with single outlet. For companies with multiple outlets, please contact


piMenuboard+ can be easily configured for your business.  Whether you have a retail store, a restaurant or an office, the templates can be easily tailored to your specific needs.  And best of all, you have complete control of all of your settings from your phone, anytime, anywhere.

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