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piOrderboard (coming soon)


Contact-free Order Manager

In the age of smartphones, customers have come to expect precise and timely updates to their purchases at all times. This level of service, while common with most national brands or certain industries like shipping and online merchants, it is still a challenge for smaller retail brick and mortar merchants. Traditional approaches to deliver updates via voice and/or human interactions are not scalable. They are further taxed with the recent pandemic where human contacts are highly discouraged.  This is the inspiration behind the creation of piOrderboard - an intuitive contact-free order manager that facilitates the communications between brick and mortar merchants and their customers relative to their purchases - accurately, timely and with little to no impact to the existing operations.

piOrderboard communicates order statuses to your customer via text messages, so there is no apps that your customers have to download.  Customer simply responds to the text to notify the merchant when s/he arrives to pick up an order.  Once the order is delivered to the customer, a follow-up feedback text message is automatically sent, allowing the customer to report any issues immediately, if any. Merchants are immediately notified for any poor feedback so that  corrective actions can be taken, pre-empting the escalation of potential dissatisfaction.

piOrderboard can extract order information by scanning your receipt, ingesting a QR code from your POS system or manually entering the basic attributes of an order, so you can begin to elevate your customer service immediately.  And best of all, piOrderboard is FREE*.

(*) for companies with one single outlet

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