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Are you constantly bombarded with text messages, sticky notes, and phone calls, requesting you for services or items for your business, and often, you are simply the messenger? Would it be nice to have an App that let your staff make the requests, and let the system route the requests to the right people, and simply keep you in the loop?


That's what piClipboard is for - piClipboard supports simple on-demand (e.g. "Hey, my AC is not working.") or pre-defined list-based (e.g. "I need to replenish my supplies.") requisitions. Once a requisition is submitted, piClipboard will notify the appropriate recipients responsible to fulfill them. These recipients, aka responders, can respond with an estimated completion time.  Once fulfilled, corresponding requestors will be notified.  If requisitions are left unfulfilled, piClipboard will relentlessly nag at the responders on your behalf.



For many small businesses, recurring todo lists are essential to maintain excellence in their daily operations.  That is the mission of piClipboard's todo lists feature - to help drive your daily operational work plan for your entire organization.  Work plan can include simple tasks or quantity-based tasks. Tasks may include snapshots to show what your expectations and what the end results are.

Like having a work-coholic assistant, piClipboard tracks and monitors todo lists and alerts you only if tasks are not completed timely or not at all.



Checklist is a type of job aid designed to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task. It is an excellent tool for taking a proactive approach to ensure that things are done right regardless of the persons involved. 

Many businesses have checklists, nicely clipped on clipboards, but most have challenges implementing or enforcing them.

That's where piClipboard can help. piClipboard will alert you when a checklist is scheduled to be carried out soon. Conducting the checklist is very easy.. Checklist items can be simple (e.g. "it looks OK") or measured (e.g. "Let's get the temperature of the cooler"). You may require a visual or snapshot confirmation.


piClipboard can be easily configured for your business.  Whether you have a retail store, a restaurant or an office, requisitions, checklists and todo lists can be tailored to your specific needs.  And best of all, you have complete control of all of your settings.



Whether you have 1 or 1000 outlets, piClipboard is built from the ground up to scale infinitely and painlessly without you having to worry about infrastructure or skilled IT resources to maintain it.


Managing by exceptions, piClipboard will proactively track your requisitions, checklists and todo lists, and will notify you only if there are serious violations or if any scheduled activities are not carried out timely.



piClipboard runs on popular iOS devices, and the app is FREE for companies with single outlet.  For companies with multiple outlets, please contact

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